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...Good advice delivered through biting sarcasm, quips, and some moments that brought a smile or chuckle? Its a very good read, and... well, I would recommend it. ...

Just as it says in the title, this book is a list of how NOT to do things.

I love this book, if only because it can be stunningly blunt, funny, and has a tendency to promote common sense…when it isn’t being bitingly sarcastic or outright satirical. This is literally a guide to how not to do things, from funny advice like how not to move out of your parents house or behave on a job interview to more serious topics. When sections like: ‘How not to beat your child’ start with “Nothing is easier than that. You must not be an idiot.” it becomes very hard not to laugh.

There are illustrations: basic biro doodled cartoons, which to my mind don’t add much to the book. It’s strong enough without them. The quotes are a little unusual – spanish style with the lead quote low on the line and the closing quote in the usual position – but otherwise the formatting, grammar, and layout are really good and professionally done. There is nothing in the presentation to throw a reader off.

Good advice delivered through biting sarcasm, quips, and some moments that brought a smile or chuckle? Its a very good read, and… well, I would recommend it.

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rz3300 (21 August 2016)
Well thank you for the recommendation, and I am going to take you at your word here. It does sound interesting, and something that I would enjoy. I am always one for a good quote or random moment that you can get thinking a lot about. Sounds to me like a good coffee table book, but that could just be me. You have me sold, though, and I am interested to look more into it.

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