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Don't Fear the Reaper - Book Cover a story for horror fans,just not as scary as I was expecting.
A Place in Time: A Ghost mystery - Book Cover For those who like literary stories or old style ghost stories
The Knight's Secret - Book Cover certainly one for fantasy fans to enjoy, and perhaps also for those who like to consider morals of an empire in turmoil
Time Travel Romance: The Time I Love - Book Cover Three good tales and one not-so-good tale of time-travel romance
Dead Quarantine - Book Cover A solid addition to the zombie genre and should certainly be read by anyone who enjoys this kind of book.
The Leshy - Book Cover An excellent short based on a Russian folktale but understandable for all.
Ismeni - Book Cover A short and well written historical piece of fiction, with a string female lead
The Butterfly: A Short Story of Life, Mystery, and the Impossibility of Endings - Book Cover

A man watches a butterfly fluttering around a room and ponders the meaning of life. Strangely enough this is a very short story in a book, which his more filled with ideas and details of other stories and authors that have similar works. Consider this more of an advertisement piece instead., The story appears about […]

The Raven Witch of Corfu - Book Cover Romance fans might enjoy it, but it is a little too light on the fantasy for fantasy or urban paranormal readers.
Run or Die - Book Cover An actioner with plenty going on but, I suspect, a little too shallow for most action fans.
Happy Engines Back at Work - Book Cover The description reminded me of "Thomas the Tank engine." Then I saw the first page illustrations, making this very hard to rate on its own merits.
My Heart Will Not Be Troubled - Book Cover A Bible study pamphlet, this would probably be useful to church groups. It's well-presented, nicely formatted and edited and would work as a good starting point for discussion.
under the influence - Book Cover A talented - and adult-themed - writer, but the formatting lets this book and the poems inside it down so badly they are almost unreadable, and that is a very great shame.
One: A Way of Life - Book Cover A well constructed set of viewpoints, that you may or may not agree with.
Once I Was A Soldier - Book Cover definitely one for fans of the genre, international, action spy thriller with lashings of sex and secrets
Rescued - Book Cover An excellent WW2 story of action behind enemy lines.