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One: A Way of Life - Book Cover A well constructed set of viewpoints, that you may or may not agree with.
Once I Was A Soldier - Book Cover definitely one for fans of the genre, international, action spy thriller with lashings of sex and secrets
Rescued - Book Cover An excellent WW2 story of action behind enemy lines.
The Plague of Sentience - Book Cover this is not a book I would recommend.
Gaslight - Book Cover An easy to read and enjoyable short story for paranormal fans, and keep an eye out for future stories in this series.
A Tall Man Rides - Book Cover A descriptive cowboy story that fans of the genre should certainly take a look at.
The Little Dog - Book Cover a book that poses some interesting and thought-provoking questions
First Impressions - Book Cover a good quick look at a new bounty hunter and one for fans of the genre
The Way of Mathias - Book Cover Certainly one for fans of the genre to enjoy.
The Blood of Cowards - Book Cover A short supernatural tale, mainly for fans of the vampire genre.
Blythe of the Gates - Book Cover A slow start, but once the major event kicks in, it becomes a much more interesting book to see where it would lead.
Sweet Revenge - Book Cover A quick piece of humour for those with two minutes to spare
Cream Puff Murder - Book Cover an enjoyable and welcome addition to the genre
Fire in the Blood - Book Cover An ideal short story for a coffee break
Old Crotchet: A Ghost Story - Book Cover a short old ghost horror story with a slow build up of tension and trauma as the story unfolds.
Outpost Season One - Book Cover Zombie fans, especially those who like a high body count and associated gore will probably love this book. For the rest, it's a bit hit and miss.