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Scramble - Digital Science Fiction Short Story: Original Imprint

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...Five stars, and if the rest of the Blue Collar Space series are as good, I'd suggest giving them a look as well. A wonderful blend of plot and character....

A short story in the Blue Collar Space series, Scramble follows a rescue team as they are sent out to find a missing shuttle. Finding the ship is unlikely, survivors less so, and the chances of a rescue vanishingly slim, but they have to try.

This is hard sci-fi. Issues like tracking the craft, atmospheric seals and repairs are covered in detail, but the story never slows. There are several touches that science buffs will appreciate like the Lovell Medal, but also strong characterisation, good writing, and a ripping and gripping plot.

Told in a mix of first person by one of the rescuers and transcripts from the damaged vessel’s flight recorder, the characters come across clearly. Even though they are mainly known from dialogue, the crew and passengers on the damaged ship have distinct personalities, believable reactions to their predicament. The rescuer’s attitude is a blend of training and routine during the early parts of the rescue, kicking it up to focus on work the second they know they have a chance to save lives. The courage of the crew and dedication of the rescuers is a strong point, and the outcome is – without spoilers – utterly realistic. I’ll give a special shout-out to the stewardess, because her role is outstanding.

A wonderful blend of plot and character, this story won’t just interest science fiction fans, although they should get it now. Anyone who follows series like Mayday or BlackBox or has an interest in engineering will probably enjoy this story. I made myself late for an appointment finishing this.

Five stars, and if the rest of the Blue Collar Space series are as good, I’d suggest giving them a look as well.

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