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The Brooch: A Short Story

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...a slice-of-life story about daily dramas and I loved it. Great character portrayals, good writing, and a touching ending....

I thought this would be a slice-of-life fic about daily dramas, of the type I usually hate. I was half-right: it is a slice-of-life story about daily dramas and I loved it. Michael’s secret is the type of thing that should never be kept secret, but the readers meet his wife before learning what is going on, and can well understand why he doesn’t want to tell Grace what has happened.

The writing is formal and slightly stilted, and in their book where no one can talk to anyone it fits the characters perfectly. There are some nice touches where it enhanced the story: when Grace first speaks I immediately wanted her to stop prattling, only for her husband to think the same thing a moment later!

Although there are other characters this is Grace and Micheal’s story, and they carry it brilliantly. Their differing concerns, and the unexpected depths they both show make them characters you can respect and rely on. Grace’s desperation to keep up with her social-climbing sister comes across especially clearly.

I am having a bit of trouble reviewing this, as it is short and anything I say would spoil it. This is the type of story to come to fresh, and enjoy as a quick read without knowing where it is going.

Literary fiction readers can enjoy the brilliant character portraits contained here. I will also say that Christian or sweet romance readers will probably love this as a tale of two married people discovering what truly matters to each other.

Rating: 4
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jessica (7 May 2017)
This was really, really, sweet, short and ideal for the beach:).

Meryl (8 May 2017)
Two things that I like coming together: A brilliantly written story that is short enough to enjoy all in one sitting. I'm adding this one to my list of books to read this week.

Miranda (9 May 2017)
Great review. I like those kind of stories where the characters personalities make total sense and it makes it really easy to relate to them and to follow the story. Thanks for sharing that review.

HighSparrow (12 May 2017)
Just the way I like 'em: Short, sweet, and to the point. I am going to enjoy reading this one this weekend. I still have a couple of other books I have to finish first but I can't wait to get to it.

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