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The Cured

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...What happens if you recover from being a zombie. An excellent concept which falls short of what it could have been. ...

What would happen if you became a zombie for several years and then recovered? How would you come to terms with what you had done? This is the difficult situation that Henry and his companions finds themselves in. Cured from a plague along with another group of zombies, they struggle to reconcile their past lives with the present as they remember what they did and what was done to them. Set in a world where the zombie plague has devastated the world and reduced it to a few pockets of civilisation, we follow their struggle to find one of these pockets and live with their memories, especially when their past comes back to haunt them.

The concept for this novel is excellent, not the plague and zombies, but the aftermath. What if you woke up afterwards and could remember in detail every single moment of the last few years, every person you killed, every action you took while unable to do anything about it. The world is believable, from the decaying areas to the City that is standing as the main hope in the area to protecting those who survived. Within the City those humans still alive – both the Immunes and the Cured – are forced to live together regardless of what acts might have been committed by either side as they try to create a new civilisation.

The biggest problem with this novel is that anything which could have been of interest is exposition. It is understandable that the characters memories would be done this way, but it has been expanded to everything. You hear about how world is, but you never really see it. All the characters are told about things that occur, but little of it ever happens to them. What is there is well-written, but there is no feeling that the characters are part of this world, but just passing through it somehow.
If you are looking for a Sci-Fi novel with a great concept and are willing to just follow the characters along, you will probably enjoy this book, but if you are looking for something which actually tackles the problems that could arise and makes you think, you will probably feel hungry for something else by the end of the tale.

Rating: 3
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Bookangel (5 March 2017)
2 reviews: What happens if you recover from being a zombie? An excellent concept which falls short of what it could have been... *Continue reading...* ...Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover: in this case, the cover is good, the book is very, very, good.... *Continue reading...*

jessica (6 March 2017)
I like this more than The Cure, because the Cure's conspiracy theory got a bit overdone. This is just really disturbing.:eek:

Power On (6 March 2017)
I like the morality questions that we are forced to ask ourselves while reading. I became engrossed in the characters, so the moral aspects of this story became mine as well.

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