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The Hangar Dance

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...A short historical romance, it gives you exactly what you ask for in a well-written story....

Sylvie is a young woman living during World War II, and has been invited to a dance, along with her friend Betty. Not some English country dance, but something more exciting, a dance at the local US airbase. However, having been forbidden to go by her parents, she sneaks out and goes to enjoy herself. While there, she catches the eye of one of the band, but when Betty is caught by her parents, Sylvia is left there and taken under the wing of Betty’s older sister Marion. Despite dancing with several GIs over the course of the evening, it’s not until the end she finally catches up with the one she has been looking for and they arrange to meet each other later.

The Hangar Dance is a short romance taking place over a few weeks and encompasses not only the first flush of love that can spring up, but the effects that it can have on people at all stages. The characters feel appropriate for the era and react believably to the situations they find themselves in, no matter how brief they may be. The plot is short and simple, only covering a few scenes in total, but each has an impact on they way the characters think and feel. The book is well formatted and I didn’t notice any spelling mistakes and if there were any I was too busy reading the story to notice.

This is well worth picking up as a coffee break read, it doesn’t take long to get through, but will leave you thinking on the characters after you finish it. As a short historical romance, it gives you exactly what you ask for in a well-written story.

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Bookangel (7 January 2016)
To stress this was a good story, it was one of our newspaper picks for January 2016.

Bookangel (23 January 2016)
TRACKBACK: *'The Hangar Dance' reviewed by Book Angel*

Guest Posts (24 January 2016)
From Catherine Chapman: Thank you so much for this review - was thrilled to see it in print in the Croydon Citizen! Keep up the good work.

Angel (25 January 2016)
It's times like this that make reviewing books seem completely worthwhile.

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