The Teddy Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep: A Rhyming Story

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The Teddy Bear Who Couldn't Sleep: A Rhyming Story

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...Readable, enjoyable, and a pleasure to look at. A good book for children to read or be read....

Teddy is too scared to sleep in a dark room, so he stays awake all night and is too tired to play with his boy during the day. With the help of a friendly night lark, he learns that there really isn’t anything to be afraid of in the shadows.

It is a lovely little story about that childhood rite of passage, learning not the be afraid of the dark. Is it perfect? No, there are a few obvious spelling mistakes and some of the rhymes are slightly off on syllables when read aloud. This is offset by the full-colour pictures on each page, which are simple enough to be understood by young children, but complex enough to appeal to all ages.

It is nicely written with simple flowing rhymes, great use of alliteration, and lovely language. This is a story that would be enjoyable for children the read or to have read to them.

Readable, enjoyable, and a pleasure to look at. A good book for children.

Rating: 4
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