Worse Things Happen At Sea: A Very Funny Romantic Comedy

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Worse Things Happen At Sea: A Very Funny Romantic Comedy

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...If you enjoyed Bridget Jones' Diary? Read this. For everyone else, it's funny, sweet, and entertaining. ...

**Now retitled as “An Officer and Gentleman wanted.”**

Bev works at the Naval college, training international cadets in English. She’s not the type of woman who lets a little thing like being a forty-six year-old divorcee with children get in the way of achieving the next step in her career; the esteemed rank of officers’ wife.

Written in diary format in first person, it covers a term at the college, the joys of international diplomacy – such as the prince who wants to be treated just like everyone else, but arrives in a helicopter – and student timekeeping. Along the way, Bev’s spare time is spent stalking that rarest of creatures, a navy officer who might actually be single and not simply have ‘forgotten’ he is married.

It’s rarely laugh out loud funny, but there are a few good chuckles. Bev makes a funny and likeable protagonist, and the writing moves swiftly and enjoyably without any real flaws. The book does focus on the romance, but there’s a fair bit of comedy to even it out, and best of all the characters are real – people who make mistakes, learn and feel real to the reader. There are a few ex-serviceman I know who got a good laugh over it – certain bits ring a bit too true.

If you enjoyed Bridget Jones’ Diary? Read this.

For everyone else, it’s funny, sweet, and entertaining. 4 stars.

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jessica (13 March 2017)
I loved this:D! Why did she change the title, I couldn't find it on Amazon :(?

atry (15 March 2017)
I laughed out loud at points in this.

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