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This is a BOX SET of four (4) steamy billionaire romances by Jade Christy. Dive in!

Billionaire Rock Star Wedding Date
Who’s the gorgeous bridesmaid tasked with taming my wild ways at the tropical wedding of my best friend?
She’s supposed to “babysit” me? Hell, this wedding just got interesting!

She’s all rules and order; I’m all chaos and rebellion. Caught her off guard with my infamous sense of humor and sex appeal, and I’m not even sorry.

I’m Gabriel Westwood–billionaire rock star, notorious bad boy. Here I am, supposed to play the perfect best man for my childhood friend. Trouble is, she wants me to play by the rules.

We are sharing a cabana so she can keep me under control, but it’s not going the way she planned. She’s got fire in her eyes and curves that make my guitar strings hum. And man, I catch her stealing glances that ignite me. And she can make things steamy.

When I set my sights on her, sparks fly, and our lives turns into a hot mess of passion, stolen kisses and scandalous escapades. She makes it tough, trying to resist my charms. I secretly want her. Will she let me rewrite the melody of her heart?

Billionaire’s Fake Engagement: Best Friend’s Sister
My family will NOT take no for an answer, so I’m faking it with my best friend’s sister.
I’m set to inherit our large empire, but not without an engagement. Before I am 30. Which is in 6 months.

The annual family retreat is coming up in ten days. I need to bring my fake fiancée.I haven’t seen her, my best friend’s sister, Isabelle, since she was a scrawny kid.

But damn! She is smoking hot! I am totally taken by her when we meet. Those eyes, that sensual body, her hair, her fiery spirit. I want her. Like no woman I have ever wanted.

But I promised Olly, my best friend, that she would be safe with me. I’m not sure anymore.

Billionaire’s Journey: Amnesia’s Unexpected Love

A Manhattan Billionaire, A Small-Town Veterinarian. An Undeniable Attraction. An Impossible Decision Under the Montana Stars.

Ninety-hour work weeks, skyscrapers, and endless negotiations defined my life as a billionaire resort developer in New York, ever since my father passed. No time for anything but work and the occasional polo match with beloved horses, a passion.

Love? I wanted it, yes. But it was a foreign concept, until that fateful night in Montana.

On the first night of my off-the-grid trip, amidst rustic charm, I met Sage. We shared secrets, danced to the rhythm of desire, and surrendered to an unforgettable night of passion.

But fate played its hand, steering me off-course the next day. A deer, a cliff, and a devastating crash leaves me crumbled in the road, stranded with amnesia in Montana, my memories and life shattered like glass.

She found me and saved me. I don’t know who I am, but Sage, with her warm smile and her little nephew who needs me, becomes my lifeline. Our shared intimacies and growing bond are very real in this small town. What will happen when my memories come flooding back?

Billionaire’s Off-Limit Romance: Falling for the Boss

Damn! How can the hunky hero I met in Central Park this weekend be my new boss? The divine-looking man I fantasized about without end after our first steamy and unexpected encounter…

This is my first big job break and too important for me and my middle-class family. I can’t ruin my new career with this off-limits relationship.

But he is relentless, a sexy alpha who wants what he wants. Which is me.

Free on 26th - 27th Apr 24
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