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Readers’ Favorite 5-stars: “If You Love Stephanie Plum, Wait Until You Meet Mina Kitchen!!!”

“I absolutely love this book! I could not put it down. The adventures of Mina Kitchen are funny.. suspenseful… funny… quirky… funny… fast paced… and did I mention funny? You cant go wrong reading Diabolical DC and I strongly suggest the other books to the Mina Kitchen series. You will love them!”

“Great read with colorful characters and mystery galore. No way to put this book down once started. Love, romance , show backstage action and murder with no depression attached!”

There’s no such thing as a free lunch… unless you’re Mina Kitchen, and cooked enough brisket barbecue to serve the entire congregation of St. Bart’s with plenty left over–literally.

Tricks-or-treats are in the air, and Halloween is just around the corner, as Mina worries about the financial “tricks” sapping her paycheck working alongside her boyfriend, Chef Jack. Why is it that car repairs, heating issues and vet bills seem to pop up all at once? And where are the “treats” while she and Jack struggle through insane work hours, and barely have time to see each other?

Mina’s pals try to distract her from the recent whack-a-mole theme in her life, when the fickle finger of fate touches her, and Mina becomes an overnight celebrity television chef! She lands a fancy new condo, make-up artist, famous actor co-star and an unbelievable salary. Good-bye, money problems!

Hello corpses. Plural.

The murders are a tad unsettling. And the Mafia-style dead animal warnings are a bit disturbing, too. But what’s a girl to do? The show must go on, right? She shouldn’t let some possible voodoo animal ritual stuff get in her way, no? Or, a psychotic new fan?

Can Mina survive her new rags-to-riches fame? Or will she be another target? And will she be able to avoid any more of Vito and Miriam’s creepy culinary creations?

And how much lasagna should you bake at midnight, just to take the edge off?

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Free on 8th - 12th Jul 24
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" A highly enjoyable cozy mystery that hits all the right spots."

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Mina Kitchen, chef's assistant at the Squirrel Run Acres, wins a spot as a guest on a cookery show. When the cook and presenter is declared dead, Mina finds herself as the star of the show, much to her horror and surprise. When it proves a popular episode, the producers look at Mina being their new star and set wheels in motion. With an impending TV deal, and the associated benefits like a new place to live, Mina has to contend with her new circumstances and the effect it has on those around her. Or more accurately, she is doing her best not to panic, while her friends help to sort things out. Things take a more serious turn when she starts receiving packages containing animal parts and threatening letters, and the head of the TV station is found dead. Despite these little hiccups, everyone is determined that Mina should take the opportunity, despite Mina's reservations.

This is a great cozy mystery with just the right mix of murder and mayhem, while Mina tries to balance her life and insecurities. The plot is as breezy as you would expect, with Mina just happening to be caught up in yet another set of murders through no fault of her own. The easy style of the writing makes it easy to turn from page to page waiting to see what happens next, whether it be the murders or how Mina is trying to cope with her intriguing life. Characters from earlier books are the same as always, with their brief intros bringing readers old and new up to speed. It's nice to see that they are consistent from book to book and each of the large cast list are given time to shine.
The by-play between them and Mina, and also amongst themselves, helps to flesh out the world around and bring life to the story. I didn't spot any spelling or grammar errors while reading, and the book is well formatted.

This is an ideal book to read over an afternoon or two, an enjoyable story that fans of cozy mysteries should enjoy as well as giving several supplemental recipes from the book at the end, just for good measure.

Rating: 4

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