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Paleo Your Life Now For Health, Energy and Weight Loss!

January Special Offer: Paleo Lifestyle for only $2.99. Regular price $4.99. Weight Loss Resolutions? Go Paleo!

I want you to eat healthy. I want you to be healthy and full of energy and as a result I want you to lose weight the way you have always wanted! ‘Paleo Lifestyle’ will guide you through the process and help you transform yourself and achieve your ideal weight.

Eating a Paleo diet takes us back to basics, way back. You may be wondering, “Why if this ‘diet’ is so old, am I just hearing about it?” All the buzz is being generated because people are stepping away from modern eating habits and feeling better. Paleo nutritional practices are helping people lose weight, have tons of energy, lessen inflammation, clear up skin problems, gain muscle, cure allergies, stop asthma symptoms, get rid of digestive issues, get people off of their diabetes medicines and much more.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn From Paleo Lifestyle For Healthy Weight

  • The General Paleo Lifestyle Philosophy
  • The Paleo Diet For Health and Wellness
  • The Paleo Diet For Weight Loss
  • Weight Loss Paleo Recipes
  • Healthy Paleo Snacks
  • Paleo Motivation for Health and Weight Loss
  • How To Restore High Energy Levels With Paleo Diet
  • How To Develop Your Own Weight Loss Strategies Using The Paleo Diet
  • Much, Much More For Your Weight Loss Success!

    Simply make a decision to learn what Paleo is all about and… make it your very own lifestyle!

    Check Out What Others Are Saying:

    Dave Roth said:

    ”I have been trying out the paleo diet recently and I must say I feel great. This book has some awesome recipes and some really great advice for making the transition to a paleo lifestyle. The paleo diet just makes a lot of sense to me. It is how our ancestors ate for centuries before fast food and supermarkets.

    I really enjoyed the bonus chapter on NLP techniques for weight loss. This subject was new to me and I learned a lot. Very interesting stuff. The author did a great job talking about his own experiences and giving advice on challenges that come along when transitioning to the paleo lifestyle. Great book!!”

    Stuart Powell said:

    ”I definitely didn’t expect it to be this enjoyable! This book was surprisingly good. I thought it was packed with useful information, and also written in an easy to understand, entertaining way. The information is very concise – with a lot covered in few pages. As someone who already follows a paleo life style, I know it works but wasn’t very clear on all the reasoning behind the results. James pretty much cleared up every question I could have asked plus I have lots of new recipes to try!”

    David Bradshaw said:

    ”The Author of this book seems to get what Paleo truly is and is not just following the heard of cattle on yet another dead end journey. The Author states more than once in this book that he did not start this style of eating just to lose weight which I really like to hear that.

    I also like how the Author talks about eating more alkalitic foods. I am a big believer in this. The book also talks about carb sources and understands the difference between high glycemic and low glycemic carbs.”

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  • Free on 29th - 1st May 18
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