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A quick guide to spiritual deliverance that will help you break those spiritual strongholds and make your warfare prayers powerful and more effective.

What is it that’s affecting you today? Are you feeling oppressed by negative influences around you? Do you feel as if you, or a loved one, need spiritual deliverance, but you don’t know how to fight these evil oppressions? If you’re reading this manual is because you’re probably feeling attacked by the enemy, and maybe you just can’t seem to get ahead in life. You’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to work, but today you’re going to be set free from those spiritual attacks from the devil.

In this manual, we will take a look at the little details that sometimes we overlook in spiritual warfare. The things that not many teach because we’re focused on ourselves, ignoring that we belong to a group, and whatever affects that group, will also affect us. Fighting for our pastors and leaders should be part of our spiritual warfare strategies because they are the ones that feed our souls, and if we don’t intercede for them, our souls won’t get the proper “spiritual nutrition.”

Whether you’re beginning to understand the spiritual realm, or you’re an experience warrior, this manual will guide you through the road of deliverance. This book was written with the understanding and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and based on more than 25 years of experience dealing with demonic oppressions. Today, you’re going to learn the following:

How to break a curse in your life
How to break a curse in your family
Understanding the power behind your prayers
Learning the elements needed for a powerful spiritual warfare prayer
Territorial spiritual warfare strategies
How to get organized
How to fight Satan with strategies
Understanding the power behind evil
Understanding how Satan is organized
Understanding the root of the evil behind your past
How to cover yourself with the blood of Jesus
How to stay free
And more

Above all, you’re going to learn to be humble, but yet, bold in the Spirit because you’re going to need to be in order to be victorious in your spiritual warfare prayers. It’s when you’re dead to this world that you’re alive in the Spirit, and your prayers become a mighty weapon that crushes and destroys demonic strongholds.

Free on 29th Jun 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


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