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Lizzie is not your average tourist. She’s going to Greece on a mission. And it involves an evil witch…

Lizzie, an English nurse in her early thirties, has just arrived on the idyllic Greek island of Corfu, but her mind is not on having a good time. Far from it, Lizzie has a daunting task to undertake: to claim back her twin brother, who was kidnapped twenty years earlier on her previous visit. In a cave. By an evil witch.

When Lizzie sees her brother again, she receives the shock of her life. The witch has tricked her… As if this weren’t enough, Stamatis, a handsome local, steals her heart to complicate her life even further…

“It’s a step up from Mills and Boon – much more Mary Stewart than Barbara Cartland, with a bit of Gothic horror and Harry Potter-esque magic in the mix. And it’s certainly a page-turner.” ~Hilary Whitton Paipeti, author of In the Footsteps of Lawrence Durrell and Gerald Durrell in Corfu

“A delightful read and the perfect treat for those who love sweet romances set in stunning locations.” ~Readers’ Favorite

The Raven Witch of Corfu is a compelling series of 4 kindle episodes. The suspense is unrelenting and the last twist will blow your mind!

Set in the enchanting village of Messonghi, this highly imaginative Greek fantasy romance will intrigue and uplift you, making it feel like you’re on the island of Corfu, experiencing it all with your senses. It is also guaranteed to leave you longing for a visit to your closest Greek restaurant!

Scroll up now to download episode 1 and let your most enthralling Greek holiday begin! (note: a boxset of all four episodes and a paperback that contains the whole story are also available. You will find them listed on the author’s page!)

Free on 31st Oct 23 - 4th Nov 23
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" Romance fans might enjoy it, but it is a little too light on the fantasy for fantasy or urban paranormal readers."

Reviewer: .

Lizzie's brother was snatched by a witch, who promised to return him if Lizzie came back to Greece and visited the cave alone once twenty years have passed. Twenty years have passed, and now Lizzie is coming back for her brother.

Any expectations of a haunting paranormal story should be quelled by a glance at the cover and the genre description: ROMANCE. This is a romantic holiday tale with shades of the paranormal and very little threat. It is definitely fantasy and not horror, and the fantasy tag isn't just about the fantastical elements, its also exactly what the main character is doing about certain available males...

This isn't my type of story, and I quickly found myself losing interest as it didn't really seem to keep focus. After returning the Greece to get her brother back from the witch, Lizzie rapidly begins to focus on drinks, cocktails, sun, how wonderful Greece is, all of which would be fine, if she wasn't trying to save the brother she hasn't seen for twenty years. You'd think the second one might take priority, or at least merit a thought or two - particularly when she then after a few pages of this decides to muse on how much she dwells on her missing brother. Around halfway through she finally realises her priorities might be screwed, and I cheered.

For me this doesn't feel like a complete story. It feels like one chapter - what Lizzie accomplishes is not her goal, its just a step along the way and there's no real character growth or change. For a romance there's no developed relationship or happy ever after, and in wider terms there is simply no ending. Also while this is meant to be a folktale, it is realworld enough that the realworld problems it glosses over kept me from suspension of disbelief. (If Lizzie does get her brother back after twenty years, with no papers or identity, how is she planning to get him home? What are her visa terms?) However that said, it is a good sampler of the author's writing and while this chapter is free it is worth a look.

Formatting in general is professional. Aside from the conflict between description and cover art, there's no major layout issues but there are a couple of minor things. It's not a big problem, but whether the headings are section headers or chapters, it would be nice to have them on new pages. Instead they are just very large text between paragraphs. There are also section breaks consisting of four characters centered, which don't load on my reader (they are supposed to be the smash character, but it hasn't been embedded properly in the ebook).

Romance fans might enjoy it, but its a little too light on the fantasy for fantasy or urban paranormal readers. That might change later in the series though.

Rating: 3

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