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Do you want to skyrocket your sales?

If you are anything like me, you want to improve the book sales. I am sure, you have tried all the methods to improve the sales.

May be, you have overlooked two important factors that significantly affect your book sales.

Titles and Covers. Your title and cover design can make or break the sale. Hours spent writing and publishing the book might go waste if you don’t choose the right title and cover.

Learn the hidden secret tips and techniques to triple your sales.

You are inches away to get the knowledge. This will set you apart from others who lose money by not knowing the knowledge you are about to get.

This book will make SIGNIFICANT IMPACT in the way you look at the titles and covers.

8 Types of KILLER Titles

There are 8 types of titles that you can use to maximize your sales. Each one of them is PROVEN to work and FIELD-TESTED. Many popular authors use these titles to sell millions of books.

I have given real life examples to make it easy for you. I have revealed the secrets in this book.

Amazing benefits or Excellent features

Are you confused whether to mention the BENEFITS or FEATURES in the title? I used to have the same issue. I learned from my experiences and others experiences. Now, I know what works and what doesn’t. I opened the vault on this for everyone to see and benefit.

Unique Selling Proposition

Do you know why some books sell and some books starve to death? One word! USP! Find out why it matters and how you can effectively utilize this one powerful technique to quadruple your sales.

To help you find the USP, this book dedicates one entire chapter on this and lists the questions you can explore to find out the USP for your title.

Get the right USP. Your book will reach the top 100 Best Sellers list. If not, it will be lost in the hundred of similar titles.

Can you attract the customer with the title that doesn’t accurately represent the contents of the book?

Find out the pros and cons of having a title that doesn’t represent the book.

How to establish yourself as an authority?

There are some powerful strategies to establish yourself as an authority on the subject and increase the credibility. This technique alone will quadruple your sales. Examples are given from famous, successful authors who made millions from their books.

How to Use Power words?

Power words can make the customers to instantly click on the title. It has the magical powers. Find out how you can use this power to your advantage.

What kind of Covers Captivate the customers?

Why do some book covers look so simple with no cover image but still sells millions of books? Find out the truth and emulate the same principles followed by the successful authors.

How do you create “brand” with your books?

You can create your own brand. I have given the steps to create your own brand and attract millions of raving fans.

Where do you get your covers created?

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to create the cover. There are some EXCELLENT and CHEAPER ways to create your captivating covers that sell like crazy.


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Free on 23rd - 27th Oct 13
View on Amazon.co.uk


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