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Have you ever heard anything about fitness junkies?

Fitness junkie is a person who needs some dose of physical training on a regular basis. Obviously, this is not the worst type of addiction. After all, we all need to provide a certain level of physical activity for our general health. On the other hand, too many vigorous workouts could pose an obstacle on the way to your fitness goal.

The balance between workout and recovery is a crucial factor in your long-term fitness success. This bundle of fitness books will show you both sides of the proper training system.

The first book in the bundle is “Calisthenics for Beginners: 10 Steps to Build Your Own Bodyweight Training Program: Combine the Best Bodyweight Exercises in Ways that Allow You to get an Incredibly Effective Street Workout”.

You are the person who defines the goals and builds your own system of training. Changing with time your aims and priorities is a quite natural way of your physical development. You also could choose a set of skills which is a key factor in your favorite sport and work on it.

Bodyweight exercise is an umbrella term for some disciplines that use gravity and inertia of body as a primary form of resistance. For instance, yoga and gymnastics are well known and very popular disciplines

The second book is “Yoga poses: the benefits of yoga practice according to sutras of Patanjali.”
Yoga is similar to the healthy nutrition. If you use it correctly in the optimal quantity, it will lead to unmatched physiological as well as psychological health. So this eventually reflects into your life, improving its overall quality.

I like to think about yoga and calisthenics as of two halves of the whole workout-recovery system; they just like Yin and Yang of our health and fitness.

Also, this book answers the questions like:

How to get six packs?
What are the benefits of yoga practice?
How to start finally do pull-ups?
What are the distinctive features of traditional or classical yoga practice?
How to set SMART fitness goals?
Is traditional yoga good for beginners?

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Free on 12th - 13th Jul 17
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