A lot has happened since we started our Patreon. We’ve launched the Stephen Memorial Award, now in its second year and with a new rush of entries. We’ve stopped the newspaper column – well, we were bounced for ad space, but it worked out the same. We’ve brought all the forums in-house and changed our ad solution completely. Review Aside has gone onto Comicsfury rather than just this site.

Patreon isn’t one of our major things, but as it is here, we thought we’d keep it relevant to what we are doing, rather than what we used to.

So we’d like to revise our Patreon offering. Patrons will be charged as long as we do at least four reviews a month. In return, they will get:

  • Access to a private patrons board on the site.
  • A number of bonus credits for the site every month, which can be used on ad offerings, board features, etc.
  • Updates on new features before they go live.

At higher levels, the ability to request Reader Reviews Romance and specific book reviews, as well as allowing author patrons to request beta reading and brit-picking services.

If you want to give any feedback on this please do. We’ll be changing over from 1st September.

And we hope you enjoy the books! We still have over 10,000 subscribers getting daily emails after GDPR confirmations, so someone’s definitely reading them.

And don’t forget, the Stephen Memorial Award entries are now closed. We’ll be reading and reviewing them over the next few weeks to select a winner.