In it’s second year the Stephen Memorial Award for books with Cats of Distinctive Character has been won by

The Three Kitties that saved my life


Michael Mayer.


Once again, there were many fine entries for us to read through and narrowing it down to a shortlist was as difficult as last year.

This year’s winner was a biography of troubles and the rescued cats (& Kitty)  that pulled him through it. Touching, raw and heart-warming, this was the judge’s unanimous pick.

The three runners up were:

  • Cat Magic – Sir Kipling, the magical cat,  in his own adventure
  • The Creatures of Chichester – Purrcasso, the art galley cat, dealing with ghosts
  • Familiar Trials – Dascha, the determined and brave familiar

Other memorable mentions go to “Finding their way Home”, a sweet poem about rescue cats, “Rebecca” by Austin Grisham about a Time Travellers cat and “Petectives: Under Fire” – the latest in the feline detective series.

This years competition was in support of CatChat – the rescue charity, and the competition raised enough to rehome 20 cats.

Judging this year was very difficult, but there are worse ways to spend than buried under cat books,” said one member.

For more about the competition, and more comments on the cats, you can also see it on its own site at: