No Simple Miracle

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No Simple Miracle: A Short Story for Christmas (Hand-Me-Downs Book 2)

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...A beautiful, well-written, and gorgeous Christmas story, and I am glad I read it. ...

Waiting in the department store line to see Santa, with her reluctant mother and two-year-old sister, Hanna knows that this year it is very important. In the 1950’s Hanna’s father is serving in the Korean war. Without him to help her write to Santa as he does every year, how will Santa know what she wants unless she can tell him?

It is wonderful. Written in the classic third person omniscient, addressing the reader directly at points to contrast Hanna’s childlike understanding with the adult viewpoint. There are no villains and heroes, just characters who needs are all understandable and yet may conflict. Her mother struggling with fears that her husband will not return, Hanna, desperate to speak to Santa, and even the store owner and supporting cast shine brilliantly. The writing? It’s flawless.

Spelling, grammar, and formatting are fine. The cover is a bit plain, but that’s forgotten the moment you read the first page. I could have taken issue with the ending author’s note, but then I found the catch and laughed. Slightly jarring is that for UK readers you expect ‘Alders’ to be spelled with a double ll, but it seems unlikely it is the same department store.

This isn’t really a book for the very young, but older children, say age 10 or advanced readers slightly younger, will love it as will adults. Just be prepared to get misty eyes.

It is a beautiful, well-written, and gorgeous Christmas story, and I am glad I read it.

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rz3300 (21 September 2016)
Well this just sounds like a good read. Thanks for the uplifting review, and some it seems that you have to find the good in them, but this one seems good all around. That said, I am looking forward to reading this one, so thank you.

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