Pigs on the Green

...a bright, enjoyable, short children's story which younger children should love. ...

Their mother’s idea to raise two pigs for market sounded great to the children, until they realised they’d have to care for and muck them out. Then one of the pigs escapes…

This is a very short story about two Irish children, Pat and Barbara. Written for children with illustrations, it is the type of story that may bring a faint smile to older readers from rural areas, to whom the chaos caused by an escaping pig might be all too familiar. Its enjoyable, will amuse children and is beautifully illustrated. The formatting works despite having illustrations, and there are no spelling errors or typos obvious. It is simply a short sweet and enjoyable story, with shades of James Herriot.

It’s on the verge between 3 and 4. While I’m going to rate it three, despite being a little undemanding for older children, this is a bright, enjoyable, short children’s story which younger children should love.

Yes I know this is a short review. It is a short book!

Rating: 3
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rz3300 (22 September 2016)
This really seems to have all of the things that I look in for books for the kids, so this might just be perfect. I really like the title too, and I am not sure what it is really, but kids love pigs. Short and bright and about love...you have my attention. Thank you.

clair02 (24 September 2016)
This sounds like the kind of story that my daughter will love. She is five now, but sometimes she still reads the books that she got when she was three. My daughter is a big reader, and she would rather be reading books than playing outside. I know she's going to love this one.

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