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Redemption - Book Cover I’m not its target audience and it might appeal more to young readers than me.
Frey - Book Cover ...the writing crackles and the story is gripping...
Selected Short Stories featuring Cockfight - Book Cover The stories themselves are well-written with some interesting ideas, and range from the funny to the poignant.
Max and the Gatekeeper - Book Cover The story itself is wonderfully creepy, and I was hooked from the first moment.
Meadowview acres - Book Cover This could be a great book for the right reader, but unfortunately that reader is not me.
Money Making Machine - How To Publish, Market and Make Money Using Kindle Books - Book Cover Would I have spent money on it if it wasn’t free on Amazon? Probably not, and for a fiction author I think it would be wasted.
Killgrace and the Singular Situation - Book Cover I wish there were more stories like this, a sci-fi story with real emphasis on the science.
An Unexpected Adventure (The Distania Chronicles) - Book Cover It gets a 4 – and I am actually looking up Book Two despite not being the target audience…
Girl Fights Back - Book Cover I simply did not fall in love with the story.
Predatory Animals - Book Cover if you are into the horror of Stephen King and Shaun Hutson rather than Poe and Lovecraft give this a look, you’ll love it.
The Fragile Things - Book Cover When I have to fight the formatting to actually follow the text, quality of writing and target audience become secondary concerns.
Finding Free Movies For Kindle Fire on Amazon Prime - Book Cover It’s clearly written, easy to follow and above all understandable.
The Dragon Maker - Book Cover Formatting? I didn’t notice. I was too busy reading the story.
Jetting Away - Book Cover Normally prequels can add something to the story, but this one ends very abruptly
The Dawning and other Stories - Book Cover It’s a collection of five nicely dark stories that most readers of mysteries horror and thrillers should enjoy.
A Vested Interest - Book Cover I can’t put my finger on what exactly it was about this book, but I found myself skimming instead of reading.