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Seventeen-year-old Heidi Cruise has one chance at freedom, but it involves breaking the law and completing Savage Run, a life-threatening, male-only obstacle course program.

Nicholas Volkov has one goal: to make sure when he becomes president over the hierarchical society of Newland that he doesn’t follow in his tyrannical father’s footsteps.

After Heidi registers for Savage Run, Nicholas discovers that she’s a girl. Being a rebel in his own right, Nicholas doesn’t turn her in, but decides to help in any way possible.

Heidi struggles through the obstacle courses in Savage Run. Physically and emotionally drained, it is only during downtime between events that she’s able to make sense of her world and get a little closer to the secretive Nicholas.

But with the threat of death constantly barreling down on her, and with menacing contestants looming around every obstacle, she realizes that the chances of her getting killed are far greater than winning her freedom.

In this action-packed, suspense-filled novel, E. J. Squires takes us through a wild ride that explores how far one would go to gain one’s freedom. With narrow escapes, heart-aching losses, and an unexpected romance, you are in for a read you won’t be able to put down.

Savage Run 1: Phase 1

Savage Run 2: Phase 2

Savage Run 3: Phase 3 and the conclusion of Savage Run


What readers are saying:

Nail-biting, action packed

If anyone is hesitant to read this book….Don’t be…..It’s an awesome read! You don’t know what you missing! Loved it! Please hurry with the next book!

OMG! I need more!

A death defying YA series you can’t put down

An On-Edge Thriller, From Start To Finish!

Fantastic read

Amazing book. Get it now!

A Must read!


Action-packed, great plot, amazing characters

Best book since Hunger games and divergent!

Couldn’t put it down. The next big book craze is right here

Non-stop action, great characters, bloody good story

I went into the book thinking it was going to be some sort of ‘Hunger Games’ wannabe, but oh, I was so pleasantly surprised!

Honestly, this is one of the best reads I’ve read in a while.

A Gripping Tale

Typical of EJ Squires’ novels she wastes no time in grabbing our attention with the main driver of the story suggested in the first paragraphs:’ Biking up the same mile-and-a-half long asphalt hill is so much harder when I know that at the end of the journey I’ll either be an outlaw, or I’ll be dead.

The quality of the story is excellent on many levels – adventure, gender identity issues, apocalyptic threats, and most of all, as simply brilliant writing. EJ Squires is a growing master of this genre and certainly an author who deserves a very large audience.

This futuristic novel by EJ Squires had me thinking about three well-loved fierce heroines of our time – Hua Mulan (Ballad of Mulan) & Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games) and Lisbeth Salander (Girl With Dragon Tattoo). I admit, at first I thought this was another Hunger Games in the making, but I was mistaken when I found myself immersed from the first chapter to the last.

Savage Run is a book for all readers. Those looking for romance and friendship, a tell tale heart of loss and love and regret. It also keeps those in need of elements of danger, adventure, and heroic duties flipping pages to find out what happens to their beloved main character and the villains she finds herself pitted against. Definitely get your hands on a copy of Savage Run today.

Page Count: 278 Pages

Chapters: 16

Free on 16th Mar 18
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