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Funny You Should Ask - Book Cover It is good, but nothing outstanding. Its audience - homeschoolers and their parents - would find it useful...
Seven Patients - Book Cover not for the squeamish, or the easily disturbed...Nothing in the book is gratuitous, however. It is a blunt and detailed medical drama, without sugar-coating.
The Rest Die Tomorrow (Cinder Falls Crime Series, Book 1) - Book Cover obtrusive bright blue hyperlinks in the middle of the detective story: that's right it is a Choose Your Own Adventure...but it uses the same hyperlinks for items external to the book it wants to you buy or look up.
Fever Quest - Book Cover This is an excellent YA or older children's book, with a gripping fast-moving plot, distinct and real characters, all with their own drives, desires, and flaws.
My Favorite Corpse - Book Cover An intriguing mystery...a strong start, good characters and the writing flows well. The real problem is the ending, which is weak.
The Interview - Book Cover This is one of the best dystopian stories I have read, but it's also a spectacular single room piece and character-driven drama.
Pigs on the Green - Book Cover a bright, enjoyable, short children's story which younger children should love.
Aramicus - Book Cover Unrated (DNF?) with a sense of utter bemusement. I'm not sure I ever found the story in this
Pineapple Lies - Book Cover Fans of cozy mystery or small town stories will love this book, and frankly so will anyone looking for something to lift the mood, a clean romance, or a comedy of errors crossed with farce.
Zilla - Book Cover Overall, it is a good story about growing up, ideal for teenagers and particularly girls who are into sports.
Mammy Has Breast Cancer (Explaining to kids: Book 1) - Book Cover Explaining breast cancer, or any kind of cancer, to preschool children is very difficult but this book handles it exceptionally well
The Christmas Tin II - Book Cover three absolutely wonderful short Christmas stories of hope and triumph, embedded in a double-framing structure, which is over-extended and rather dry.
The Day I Washed My Face in the Toilet - Book Cover Family chaos? Oh yes. A good book for teenagers? Again yes, although it would probably appeal to YA readers of any age, as the older ones can look back and laugh.
When The River Still Ran - Book Cover It's a five and if I gave it less I'd be lying. Who would enjoy this? Almost anyone. It is a lovely blend of snide asides, romance, action, humour, and tragedy, and brings some intriguing characters to life on the page.
Scattered With the Wind - Book Cover Rating it as something to read for entertainment seems morbid, however readers of real-life survival stories should pick this up.
Murder at the Lighthouse - Book Cover For any who enjoy British mysteries in particular, this is definitely a sterling example of the genre.
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