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Most Fierce Ruthless Warriors That Shaped History: Ancient Aztec Eagle Warriors - Book Cover This is a case of an interesting introduction to a subject let down by grammar errors and poor formatting.
Piety and Other Stories - Book Cover Some strong content that might deter certain readers, but overall this is an excellent collection of short stories across a range of genres.
The Brooch - Book Cover a slice-of-life story about daily dramas and I loved it. Great character portrayals, good writing, and a touching ending.
Stuart Dufflemeyer and the Master of Plagues - Book Cover It may have been proof-read, but it really needs an editor.
Never Too Late - Book Cover An enjoyable read, with drama, a few unforeseen twists, characters you can support, and a great ending!
The CIA's Encounter With Akinlana Osei: Book 4 - Book Cover People familiar with the genre, espionage, or IT will be hitting the roof, or playing drinking games about errors.
Life First - Book Cover YA readers or those who don't mind a rather passive heroine might enjoy it.
Ghosts in the Graveyard - Book Cover worth the read and an enjoyable way to spend half an hour
Whispering Peak - Book Cover A short futuristic story, this will definitely appeal to dystopia readers and those who enjoy post apocolyptic fiction.
Smoke me a Kipper - Book Cover Looking back now it also has one problem: it has dated very badly.
We, the Lucky Few - Book Cover For lovers of YA dystopias, this is a good, original start to what looks like a promising series.
Night of the Purple Moon - Book Cover Recommended for YA readers, older children, and those who like their dystopia with communities who pull together.
Good Morning With a Killer - Book Cover He's a waste of oxygen, she's stupid, they're a perfect match.
Hotel Z - Book Cover if you like Zombie fiction and are familiar with the tropes, you'll love this.
Crazy, VA (Lil & Boris #1) - Book Cover It is a good light read, generally relaxing, and with appeal for cat lovers.
This Long Vigil - Book Cover This is for anyone who has ever felt a sense of adventure or looked up at the sky and wondered what is out there.