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Rakasa - Book Cover It is a good story, a very good story, and even if enjoyed isn't the right word, it kept me hooked and reading until the last page.
The Wild Animal Society - Book Cover The content is too adult for children, but I suspect too simplistic for most adult readers.
Stories to Creep You Out Until Dawn - Book Cover definitely and undeniably well-written, but...it didn't really engage me.
Not just any old ghost story - Book Cover It is absolutely entrancing, and a beautiful story told in a literary and haunting style. On the strength of this, Steve Vernon is a superb storyteller.
The Piano Girl - Book Cover Romance readers will probably love it, but fantasy readers, YA fans, and even children will find something enjoyable in this modern fairytale. Just remember to buy the second book!
The Trinket Box - Book Cover A stunning piece of horror writing. When I finished it I went for a two hour walk. Then I recommended it to the rest of the group
Escape from Cold Ditch - Book Cover Sly humour, in-jokes, sometimes dark comedy, and a not entirely happy ending that makes this the type of children's book that will endure and a blend of sadness and humour that children will love.
Grumpy Old Wizards - Book Cover Teen and young adult readers might enjoy it. It is an interesting example of the paranormal genre, with an original and unique world
The Little Leprechaun who Loved Yellow - Book Cover This is a lovely example of an early reader. The only downside is that it uses American spelling (e.g. 'color' not 'colour'), and so may be confusing to children just learning to read and write.
The Christmas Gift - Book Cover An unseasonal story perhaps and yet still absolutely hilarious.
Emily Breaks Free - Book Cover It might be great read with mum and dad, but mum and dad are going to need a magnifying glass.
Undaunted - Book Cover This ebook would probably be useful and interesting to younger readers, teens and older children, as a quick and easy to read resource about events in World War Two
Her Sapphire Eyes - Book Cover a short, well-written thriller and those looking for more prurient detail will find themselves disappointed.
The Trinket Box - Book Cover The writing is excellent, conveying the horror of the situation, and the characters, thought briefly introduced, are conveyed well, each one playing a little extra role in the life of the elderly gentleman.
The Planet of the Last Judgment - Book Cover A fast sci-fi action short story, with some neat twists. The problem is that what it does, it does well, but what it does has been done better before.
Old World (Green and Pleasant Land) - Book Cover Horror fans will love it, it is a hell of a ride. Others should approach with caution. Good taste, decency, and cutting away at the last moment, are totally absent.
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