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Clout of Gen - Book Cover This may appeal to a speculative fiction crowd, but may struggle to find an audience. As time travel books go it is fairly standard, with a few nice twists.
Marina in a Green Dress - Book Cover Great for YA readers but also likely to hold the attention of older readers, this is a really good read
Foiled - Book Cover Thank you for brightening up my morning with a very unfortunate phrase. Now, please, please, get a proof-reader.
Pirates - Book Cover These are little more than introductory pieces, the style is a little dry and it feels like reading a school essay. There are some glaring errors and the Pirates' stories are less than half of the ebook
The Dance - Book Cover A lovely retelling of a classic tale with original characters and interesting twists.
Beauty and the Beast (Timeless Tales Part 1) - Book Cover Suitable for a wide range of readers, and almost all ages, this is a wonderful read that actually made me late for work because I could not put it down.
The Magic Catcher - Book Cover Mages, Dragons, damsels and a very different take on society, in a low-fantasy world where magic is traded as a drug? This was fun to read
All Against All - Book Cover Suspense and thriller fans will love this, but it might also be good for dystopian fiction readers and people following speculative fiction due to the low-key sci-fi elements. One thing I don’t get is the cover though…
The Woodsman And The Rose - Book Cover I skim-read after Chapter 3 for the sake of the review, but it never managed to catch and hold my attention. A good editor would work wonders.
See No Evil - Book Cover An interesting piece of future history describing societal fall viewed through social media and, unusually, written in second person.
Ubiquitous Aspirations (The Lost Stories Book 1) - Book Cover While the ideas were intriguing enough to keep me reading because I honestly didn’t know where the story was going, I probably would not be very happy if I had paid for this book.
Ticket to Carcassone - Book Cover With everything from strategy tips to interviews with designers, this is a packed book great for anyone who loves boardgames or wants to find something new to play.
Sand Runner - Book Cover An enjoyable sci-fi action read suitable for all but the youngest, with a heroine you won't forget and a world that comes to life on the pages.
Metal in the Sand - Book Cover As sci-fi it is sadly a little average. It is well-written, with decent world-building, but anyone who follows mecha fiction or AI ship stories will find little unusual or unique here.
Twisted Murder - Book Cover Unreadable due to formatting issues around speech
Rakasa - Book Cover It is a good story, a very good story, and even if enjoyed isn't the right word, it kept me hooked and reading until the last page.