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Alone in the Dark - Book Cover Paranormal fans might like this very short story, particularly urban fantasy readers.
Another Quiet night in Desperation - Book Cover If you can get past the unconventional formatting, crime, and even literary fiction readers, should pick this one up.
Incubation - Book Cover It is a good YA sci-fi novel, which might appeal to readers of the Hunger Games due to the active female lead and the battle against a dystopian society.
Sparks - Book Cover Sparks is entertaining, engaging, and well worth a read for any fantasy and YA fans out there.
The Widow Taker - Book Cover It is more suspense thriller than police procedural, but would appeal to readers of either genre. Crime readers won’t regret taking time out to read it, but it is probably not for action fans, more for suspense readers.
Ghosts in the Sand - Book Cover Action fans may enjoy it, but there's nothing here to really raise it above the average action story.
Warriors in the Mist - Book Cover Fantasy readers who don't mind explicit content will probably enjoy this, but don't get it for children.
Arunoday - Book Cover Readers of family epics or business intrigues might want to take a look at this. Romance and Women's Fiction readers should probably pick it up.
Clout of Gen - Book Cover This may appeal to a speculative fiction crowd, but may struggle to find an audience. As time travel books go it is fairly standard, with a few nice twists.
Marina in a Green Dress - Book Cover Great for YA readers but also likely to hold the attention of older readers, this is a really good read
Foiled - Book Cover Thank you for brightening up my morning with a very unfortunate phrase. Now, please, please, get a proof-reader.
Pirates - Book Cover These are little more than introductory pieces, the style is a little dry and it feels like reading a school essay. There are some glaring errors and the Pirates' stories are less than half of the ebook
The Dance - Book Cover A lovely retelling of a classic tale with original characters and interesting twists.
Beauty and the Beast (Timeless Tales Part 1) - Book Cover Suitable for a wide range of readers, and almost all ages, this is a wonderful read that actually made me late for work because I could not put it down.
The Magic Catcher - Book Cover Mages, Dragons, damsels and a very different take on society, in a low-fantasy world where magic is traded as a drug? This was fun to read
All Against All - Book Cover Suspense and thriller fans will love this, but it might also be good for dystopian fiction readers and people following speculative fiction due to the low-key sci-fi elements. One thing I don’t get is the cover though…