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The Jewish Refugee Warship - Book Cover Educational, well-researched, and well-written, this would be an excellent book for anyone interested not just in the history of the Wedgewood itself, but in the politics and foundation of Israel.
Southern Spirits - Book Cover The author says that this was a joy to write, and it is certainly a joy to read.
Godhunter (The Godhunter) - Book Cover Overall, this is a good read, and then the ending? Oh dear. YA readers might want to give it a look.
The Petectives - Book Cover This is a fun little story. The plot, characters, and dialog are all sharply written and enough to hold this reader to the end, when I put the book down with a smile.
Out of the Darkness - Book Cover This book made me feel cheated. Whether it is a true memoir or not, it is an advert...literally designed to sell you the book: "The law of attraction".
National Service - A Slot in Life: this is an interesting read and definitely something for people curious about National Service and the post-war years.
Dinosaur Lake - Book Cover If you're into monster books, as long as you don't mind genre-blind characters or just want to turn your brain off, you will love this. I mind both, and I...well, I enjoyed it.
Fifty Shades of Zane Grey - Book Cover Cover, grammar, spelling, they are all fine, although it was hard to see at times through the tears of laughter. I'm still smiling writing the review.
Hell is Coming - Book Cover This story is a light, undemanding, read for fans of the genre only.
Words by Robert Zimmermann - Book Cover It is a very short work, but one that will resonate with most writers, and readers. While I would not pay for one poem, as a free piece it is a nice idea
The Dominican Fiasco - Book Cover readers from the region, specifically Haiti, are likely to love it. What makes it really different and kept me reading, was the amount of local detail.
The Lost Heirs: The first story of Eshla (The Eshla Adventures Book 1) - Book Cover above average for an older children's to young adult book, and many in that age group will enjoy it
THE NEW REGIME (Hunted Book 1) - Book Cover Overall it's a good, short, cyberpunk style thriller. Lovers of cyberpunk or dystopian reads should spare a look while it is free.
The War On Horror: Tales From A Post-Zombie Society - Book Cover Part political satire of the "war of terror", part zombie horror story, its an entertaining book with some laugh-out-loud moments, and a few that will make you cringe.
Diary of a Single Wedding Planner - Book Cover Wedding planner and single: what a recipe for office gossip! A funny and entertaining diary of disasters, great for an evening read.
The Christmas Angels - Book Cover The sentiments may be appreciated, but the formatting, grammar, and layout are not. Please get an editor or proof-reader.
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