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Greric and the Witch of Dimwood - Book Cover ...shades of the early work of Jack Yeovil in this very dark fantasy that kept me turning pages right to the end.
The Lollipop Flew Away - Book Cover For anyone who likes reading mysteries to try and solve it before the main characters, this is one for you.
Akibu - A Battle of Gods - Book Cover A paranormal romance let down by the lack of character.
Where There's A Will: Inspector Stone Book One - Book Cover British crime readers, police procedural fans, and even mystery fans might really want to check out this,
Drink The Water - Book Cover I was nearly late for a doctor's appointment because I couldn't put it down. Sci-fi fans, you won't regret reading it.
The Witch with the Wonky Broomstick - Book Cover Funny poems to keep children amused for hours (or possibly big kids of any age given how much some of our members were laughing.)
The Suicide Note: A Daniel Furrow Mystery Episode 1 - Book Cover if you are looking for a sampler, the writing is good, the characters have potential, and there's a lot of promise, just no ending...
Dead Reckoning - Book Cover Fans of the Weird West genre and variations on urban paranormal might like this...
Welcome to Wildberry - Book Cover Midway between fantasy and satire, it is the weaker part of either.
Murder at the Office - Book Cover A fun cozy mystery for an afternoon's read, that keeps an itch scratched for another hour.
Heartless - Book Cover Horror fans may enjoy this, but it is a very short story and doesn't focus on the actions enough to appeal to crime readers.
Tales of the Eastern Dagger - Book Cover An intriguing set of stories that make me curious to read more.
Alone in the Dark - Book Cover Paranormal fans might like this very short story, particularly urban fantasy readers.
Another Quiet night in Desperation - Book Cover If you can get past the unconventional formatting, crime, and even literary fiction readers, should pick this one up.
Incubation - Book Cover It is a good YA sci-fi novel, which might appeal to readers of the Hunger Games due to the active female lead and the battle against a dystopian society.
Sparks - Book Cover Sparks is entertaining, engaging, and well worth a read for any fantasy and YA fans out there.