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Jump When Ready - Book Cover Well plotted, and with a surprisingly poignant ending, this is a good book by any standard.
A Book of Poetry for Young Adults: Book of Poems - Book Cover There are several small gems in here that should appeal to most readers.
The Adventures Of Reggie The Flying Squirrel, A well-crafted picture story of a flying squirrel overcoming his fear of the dark.
The Cured - Book Cover What happens if you recover from being a zombie. An excellent concept which falls short of what it could have been.
It's a Woman's World: How to Command Respect At Any Workplace and Be Treated and Paid As An Equal - Book Cover For anyone looking to handle realworld situations, this book is not particularly useful.
OC Confidential (a Short Story) - Book Cover Fun, fast, and easy-to-read. Crime or urban fans should look this up, especially while it is free.
Zombies vs The Living Dead (An Evacuation Story #1) - Book Cover Fans of happy fluffy stories with happy endings should avoid this like the plague. Fans of drama, horror, possibly zombies, Shaun of the dead, and excellent writing should buy this book now.
Brave New World (Nymphania Book 1) - Book Cover ...this is not a novella, it is the first part of a serial. Effectively the next book is Chapter 2, leaving this as all set up and no pay-off.
The Great Book of Riddles: 250 Magnificent Riddles, Puzzles and Brain Teasers - Book Cover With a mix of classic and new materials, this book is an enjoyable way to pass the time. Ideal for commuters, it has a full selection of puzzle types, from riddles and practical tricks to logic and lateral thinking problems.
Reservoir Cats - Book Cover For anyone looking for a couple of hours enjoyment, who knows, suffers and loves the little blighters...
EVERNOTE : EVERNOTE ESSENTIALS: The Ultimate Guide To Master Evernote For Complete Beginners - Book Cover A user's guide to evernote, this does exactly as it says on the tin - as long as you don't mind the hard sell to upgrade to a Premium account.
2041 Sanctuary (Dark Descent) (Ancient Origins) - Book Cover How has a book this good been so overlooked? Beautifully written British sci-fi, with suspense, action and mystery.
Annabel and Friends - Book Cover Good for children and easy to read, 8-13's (and certain older readers) should enjoy it.
The Cured - Book Cover Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover: in this case, the cover is good, the book is very, very, good.
Adrift (Callisto Series - Book 1) - Book Cover For anyone looking for soft sci-fi, rayguns and pulp style adventure, this one could be enjoyable. Just be aware it's a serial and you'll need all the parts to get the full story.
Unforgettable Faces & Stories: Pet Tales: Unconditional Love - Book Cover I downloaded this because I am a sucker for animal stories, noting the normal price was £6.00 and assumed the large file size was due to pictures.