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EVERNOTE : EVERNOTE ESSENTIALS: The Ultimate Guide To Master Evernote For Complete Beginners - Book Cover A user's guide to evernote, this does exactly as it says on the tin - as long as you don't mind the hard sell to upgrade to a Premium account.
2041 Sanctuary (Dark Descent) (Ancient Origins) - Book Cover How has a book this good been so overlooked? Beautifully written British sci-fi, with suspense, action and mystery.
Annabel and Friends - Book Cover Good for children and easy to read, 8-13's (and certain older readers) should enjoy it.
The Cured - Book Cover Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover: in this case, the cover is good, the book is very, very, good.
Adrift (Callisto Series - Book 1) - Book Cover For anyone looking for soft sci-fi, rayguns and pulp style adventure, this one could be enjoyable. Just be aware it's a serial and you'll need all the parts to get the full story.
Unforgettable Faces & Stories: Pet Tales: Unconditional Love - Book Cover I downloaded this because I am a sucker for animal stories, noting the normal price was £6.00 and assumed the large file size was due to pictures.
My Dinosaur is Scared of Vegetables - Book Cover Absolutely ideal for children, and I'll be recommending it to a few parents I know.
Giant Land Octopus - Book Cover Trying to be so bad it is good but it fails, let down by spelling and grammar issues.
The Needle Need (Dystopian Divide Book 1) - Book Cover when you read a book you get to the end and read it all over again because its great. This is not one of those books. I read it again because I hadn’t a clue what happened in its short span.
Max and the Gatekeeper - Book Cover This is a reasonably good YA fantasy and with other books in the series following this one, it is worth checking them out.
My Granny Writes Erotica - Book Cover a very enjoyable book with some excellent characters.
Redemption - Book Cover I’m not its target audience and it might appeal more to young readers than me.
Frey - Book Cover ...the writing crackles and the story is gripping...
Selected Short Stories featuring Cockfight - Book Cover The stories themselves are well-written with some interesting ideas, and range from the funny to the poignant.
Max and the Gatekeeper - Book Cover The story itself is wonderfully creepy, and I was hooked from the first moment.
Meadowview acres - Book Cover This could be a great book for the right reader, but unfortunately that reader is not me.