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Thriller:Hidden in the Black Smoke - Book Cover Aside from the formatting issues, an enjoyable short procedural/mystery with an interesting female lead.
Pretty Please Princess Polly - Book Cover Unreadable as the content fails to load on Kindle and wants to know if I have an iPad. No warning given prior to purchase.
Snowswept - Book Cover Action fans who want a read where they can turn their brain off may enjoy this. I'd recommend getting the triology rather than this stand alone. The lack of an ending really frustrates.
Wild Women Rising: Powerful Poems And Reflections To Heal and Uplift A Women’s Heart - Book Cover The poems here are each followed by a feminist prose piece but the poems themselves have some gems, with a far broader appeal than the feminist or feminine. Written in rhythmic prose rather than rhyme... they read fluently and compellingly.
The Nicest Guy in Hell - Book Cover For anyone expecting a humourous book, particularly given the cover and blurb, you will be very disappointed. I certainly was. Riddled with spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.
On the Edge of Sunrise - Book Cover Definitely one for fans of the genre, but certainly worth looking at if you are not. A well-written historical romance that is accurate to the the time its set in.
Sugar & Clive and the Circus Bear (Dogwood Island Animal Adventure Series Book 1) - Book Cover It is an enjoyable children's book, but some of the ideas should be challenged, or at least discussed with your child rather than taken at face value.
Voices: The Imagined Diaries of Early 20th Century Americans - Book Cover Written in first person viewpoint, the author manages to give each of his characters a distinct voice and their different backgrounds and attitudes come through clearly in his writing. A light read for a lunchbreak or two.
Shirley Link & The Safe Case - Book Cover Written in first person, this is an enjoyable children's book...which can be enjoyed by young children for the characters, older ones for the mystery, and adults looking for light escapism.
The Suicide of the Jews - Book Cover As a historical piece, I can't rate it for accuracy as I don't know enough. As a political essay and opinion piece, I'd give it a three.
Coffee Roasting Made Easy - Book Cover ...a clearly written and simple guide to roasting coffee beans, and a more detailed guide to setting up your own business to sell your roasted coffee. I will warn you that I finished this ebook wanting a coffee - and I'm a tea drinker!
Staring at Nothing - Book Cover A strong YA coming of Age story, with appeal outside its target group. Staring at Nothing is a strongly-written and extremely re-readable novel.
A man like me - Book Cover a new take on old ideas and tackles the ethical issues of artificial life and human interaction with it without flinching.
How to win Friends and Influence People - Book Cover A borrowed title with 46 pages of poor, sometimes unintelligible, grammar and paper-thin advice does not make for a good book.
Scramble – Digital Science Fiction Short Story: Original Imprint - Book Cover Five stars, and if the rest of the Blue Collar Space series are as good, I'd suggest giving them a look as well. A wonderful blend of plot and character.
Soul Shepherd and the Threshold - Book Cover ..a genuinely good book, particularly for readers of paranormal and YA fiction.