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Scottish Highland Games: A Brief History and the Main Events - Book Cover A lively and excellent introduction. Suitable for anyone, this is a good non-fiction read.
Alien Abduction - Book Cover This very short story may be of interest to fans of alien abduction stories, but there's not really much new here for those already familiar with the genre
The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Your Productivity: Get More Things Done In Your Life Within The Next Thirty Days and Onwards (How to be more productive, ... organisation, productivity tips,)  - Book Cover It is very short, some of the advice is repeated, in sometimes unusual english, and most of the advice is available free online.
An Unlikely Hero (Alfie Bowman Novellas Book 1) - Book Cover Fans of classic british slice-of-life and cozy mystery might enjoy this one.
To Make A Witch: A Sword of Elements Novella - Book Cover Paranormal and modern or urban fantasy fans should look this one up – for them, it's a five. Psychological horror, occult, and suspense readers may also enjoy it – I'm all three and I certainly did.
The Body in the Bed - Book Cover Expect an enjoyable romp, rather than a gritty spy thriller. By the second page it was obvious this doesn't take itself too seriously...That said it's short, funny and entertaining, but definitely for action fans more than mystery.
The Ultimate Christmas Feast Cookbook - Book Cover Twenty or so recipes for large family gatherings, not just christmas, including vegan and vegetarian options. For British readers, the use of American measures might be confusing.
A Deal on a Handshake - Book Cover For mystery readers it will keep you guessing, but for Western fans, particularly those who enjoy tightly plotted works, this is definitely one to read.
The Great Indian Mystery - Book Cover Spy fans and lovers of indian fiction might like this, but be aware it is not a full story. There's a lot of set-up but little pay-off.
Wolf Signs: Granite Lake Wolves, Book 1 - Book Cover For a hot romance, this one left me cold.
Wings and Wheels - Book Cover I couldn't put this down. A touching, poignant and gripping young adult story, notable for its stunning portrayal of dealing with disability.
Worse Things Happen At Sea: A Very Funny Romantic Comedy - Book Cover If you enjoyed Bridget Jones' Diary? Read this. For everyone else, it's funny, sweet, and entertaining.
Avis Blackthorn is not an evil wizard - Book Cover Children and readers of the fantasy genre might well enjoy it.
Triton - Book Cover Five teenagers find themselves alone on a cruise liner after the other eight thousand people vanish and their struggle to work out why it happened.
Charisma Myth Reveal: How to Be Charismatic, Boost Your Personal Magnetism and Attract Anything in Life (Tony Robbins, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim … Zig Ziglar, Oprah, Stephen Covey Book 3) - Book Cover A 24-page booklet about charisma, which could probably be condensed to 24 lines.
Boy, does water run! - Book Cover an average short story with a strong conservation theme, and might help with the very young or children just learning about saving water.
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