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False Truth (Part One): A Jordan Fox Mystery - Book Cover More a taster than a full story, but pleasant enough to read in a few hours.
Daughter of the High Lords and other Speculative Fiction - Book Cover Several short stories that start strong but blur between each other leaving it indistinct.
Incubus - Book Cover This book is as short and fanciful as the dream that starts it, without any of the pleasure.
One, Two ... He is coming for you - Book Cover A good read for anyone who enjoys a gory crime thriller. The characters are solid, the plot lasts as long as it needs to, and it comes to a gripping conclusion.
The Teddy Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep: A Rhyming Story - Book Cover Readable, enjoyable, and a pleasure to look at. A good book for children to read or be read.
Theophilus Grim and the Infernal Chill of August - Book Cover An amusing read with some great moments that fans of humour, satire, and even steampunk will enjoy.
Whispers - Book Cover A set of excellent short stories, from horror to supernatural, that are all worth reading.
The Spooky Halloween Night - Book Cover this book is designed to be read slowly to a pre-reading child who will enjoy the pictures.
Black Winged Fairy - Book Cover There's a gem of a story in here trying to get out, but the grammar and spelling issues are a show-stopper
Humpty Dumpty - Book Cover A good short story with well written, though unlikeable, characters let down slightly by its reliance on cliche and obvious plot.
Humpty, Dumpty - Book Cover Don't expect classic horror or suspense.... it quickly moves into splatterpunk and graphic violence.
Good Morning Justice - Brine Rights Vol 2. - Book Cover Strong writing with a strong message, Good Morning Justice is well worth a look.
A Very Coco Christmas: A Delicious Prequella to the Coco Pinchard Series - Book Cover ...a light, fluffy, romance with a touch of Christmas chaos, which will appeal to people looking for a light, amusing, read.
My Life as Athena: The Private Memoirs of a Greek Goddess - Book Cover definitely aimed at the Young Adult group, and those who enjoy very light fantasy will enjoy this book.
Old MacDonald had a Haunted House - Book Cover a Halloween-themed version of "Old MacDonald had a Farm"...it's short, simple, and there really isn't very much to it.
Defeating Depression: A Natural Guide to Overcoming Depression, Fear, and How to Improve Your Quality of Life - Book Cover it is extremely short (32 pages) and you can find similar articles in far greater detail available freely online...
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