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The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat: A Beatrice Young Cozy Cat Mystery - Book Cover Charming, definitely one for cat lovers, and for cozy mystery fans it's a lovely entertaining read.
Chumbalina The Plump Princess - Book Cover A short story with a princess who saves the day, makes new friends and becomes the toast of the kingdom? With gorgeous pictures? There are little girls out there who will adore this, especially since she doesn't change who she is to do it.
Kara's Christmas Smile - Book Cover It is a light, fun, christmas story, good for early readers and with images that will keep the attention of those to young to read yet.
Lost and Found, Stories of Christmas - Book Cover Overall this is a short book of Christmas stories, heartwarming, sweet, and designed to remind people that there are good people in the world. Perfect for the season.
Max, the boy who didn't believe in Santa Claus - Book Cover Five stars for this lovely Christmas tale with a laugh-out-loud - and heartwarming - ending. Good for those that believe in Santa and those that don't - and the parents will like it too!
Now: My Poetry Speaks Not of Tomorrow, But Right Now - Book Cover The poems are extremely raw, with some beautiful turns of phrase. While the longer works are good, her real skill is in the short works where a few well-placed words can create a world and concept and tear your heart out with it.
Prunes for Breakfast - Book Cover A touching and excellent memoir that doesn't sugarcoat the time period. Good for the casual reader, but history students should definitely pick this up as a source with first-hand content.
No Simple Miracle - Book Cover A beautiful, well-written, and gorgeous Christmas story, and I am glad I read it.
The Death Planner (Storage Ghost Murders Book 6) - Book Cover if you are looking for a light, undemanding, read to kill a few hours, or want a cozy mystery that you can dip in and out of, this would be ideal.
Computer Hacking: A beginners guide to computer hacking, how to hack, internet skills, hacking techniques, and more! Kindle Edition - Book Cover Too complex for beginners, and too light for experts, I'm not sure who this was targeted at. However it gets a few points for the useful windows7 password tip at the end.
Thriller:Hidden in the Black Smoke - Book Cover Aside from the formatting issues, an enjoyable short procedural/mystery with an interesting female lead.
Pretty Please Princess Polly - Book Cover Unreadable as the content fails to load on Kindle and wants to know if I have an iPad. No warning given prior to purchase.
Snowswept - Book Cover Action fans who want a read where they can turn their brain off may enjoy this. I'd recommend getting the triology rather than this stand alone. The lack of an ending really frustrates.
Wild Women Rising: Powerful Poems And Reflections To Heal and Uplift A Women’s Heart - Book Cover The poems here are each followed by a feminist prose piece but the poems themselves have some gems, with a far broader appeal than the feminist or feminine. Written in rhythmic prose rather than rhyme... they read fluently and compellingly.
The Nicest Guy in Hell - Book Cover For anyone expecting a humourous book, particularly given the cover and blurb, you will be very disappointed. I certainly was. Riddled with spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.
On the Edge of Sunrise - Book Cover Definitely one for fans of the genre, but certainly worth looking at if you are not. A well-written historical romance that is accurate to the the time its set in.