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When Pennies had a Hole in the Centre - Book Cover Entertaining and educational, this first hand account of growing up in Palestina (now Israel) before the second world war is not just a useful resource it is a fascinating read.
The bewitching of Alison Allbright - Book Cover A great teen and YA thriller, and a brilliant exploration of the psychology of abduction.
The Complete Guide to Screenwriting for Children's Film & Television - Book Cover Well-presented, readable if sometimes dry, well-researched and extremely useful, this is one of the first non-fiction books to earn a five star rating.
The Seven Wonders of My World - Book Cover Significant formatting issues made it very difficult to read this nicely-illustrated children's book.
Kingdom Of Sugar (The Horror Diaries Vol.9) - Book Cover It is a well-done horror for a younger age group.
Heaven's Scent - Book Cover This is not a good book, full of prose, light on borrowed plot and in a setting that makes no sense.
Angels to Ashes - Book Cover This is an excellent story, that any fan of the genre should consider picking up. In fact, I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a good story.
Goliath - Book Cover If you are looking for a fun story...a little plot to hang it together and something to fill an afternoon, this one is probably for you. Otherwise, there are plenty of other novels out there.
One World - Book Cover A descriptive work with little depth that glosses over the questions and answers it could have dealt with.
Nameless Dwarf book 1: A Dwarf With No Name - Book Cover A poor start to a fantasy series that requires other reading to make sense of it.
Dog Stories: The Dog Island , The Story of a Pitiful Dog - Book Cover It is hard to work out who the intended audience for this was - dog lovers already know most of the content in more depth, and if you don't love dogs, why buy a book about them? Given that and the English issues I'd have to give this a two
On the Loom of the Fates - Book Cover Approachable, immediately relevant, and using simple language with great skill, it would appeal to younger readers because it does interact with today's issues.
Tango Boat Dancers - Book Cover A fairly simplistic and bland novella with nothing to hook into despite the nonsensical situation.
Welcome to Acme - Book Cover Entertaining, funny, and far too recognisable, this light humour read is a good way to pass a lunch hour or two.
Manic Monday - Book Cover It's another exotic, high stakes thriller that doesn't really thrill and spends more time showing off the wonderful world it inhabits than getting down to business.
Rhapsody in Black - Book Cover A romance with good characters and excellent portrayal of blindness and learning to live with it means it is worth picking up.
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