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TIGER: Shaolin Darkness Thriller - Review - Book Cover Anyone who has watched Hong Kong action movies, Golden Harvest or the later 80's films...will love this book.
Tethered Twins - Book Cover This intriguing sci-fi thriller is good for any reader, but science fiction and even thriller fans should definitely pick this up.
Stevie Rump and the Sea Witches of Glendowwer - Book Cover Beautifully imaginative but dreadfully punctuated, the lack of proofing is a real shame in a story this good.
Seventeen Shades of Love - Book Cover A collection providing an interesting set of ideas for someone to consider which shades of love they may have encountered in their life.
Scraps - Book Cover There are some entrancing ideas here, and a pleasant, if short, read.
London Travel Guide: A Quick Start London Travel Guide - Book Cover There are typos, varying capitalisation, and grammar issues and these unfortunately persist throughout the book. I would be annoyed if I had paid money for this book.
Microcosmia - Book Cover Action adventure in the grain of Wilbur Smith, well written and hard to put down.
Crocodiles: Amazing Animal Kingdom Series - Book Cover As a starter book, I would recommend it to almost anyone and there are several others that are also worth checking out.
Boy and the Very Lonely Pony - Book Cover For the 4-6 age ranges, this is a lovely little book...with full colour illustrations reminiscent of The Snowman.
IT Geek to Farm Girl Freak: Along the Bumpy Road of Rural Life - Book Cover Don't expect funny animal stories, as this is closer to a journal of events on a working farm.
Poetic Trenches (Brine Rights Book 3) - Book Cover Competently presented, handling difficult topics, and generally well-written, the only flaw in this collection is that there is nothing new here.
64 (Mike Gallagher Mystery Series Book 1) - Book Cover For American readers who want action scenes and republican politics, this would be good.
Shakespeare’s War on Women - Book Cover It is a short, free, read, but even at 5 pages it is unfortunately not something that I would consider informative, or even useful as an introduction to the topic.
Alien Hunter, Star Trooper - Book Cover ...for fans of schlocky sci-fi, this would be a good read.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming: A Practical Guide to NLP - Book Cover a self-help book in the classic sense. It gives practical examples, future reading in NLP, and could be useful to anyone interested in the field or who wants to try the techniques
Looking through Lace - Book Cover I would highly recommend this novella to anyone who wants a thoughtful, intelligent Sci-Fi story which cleverly takes a position that everyone can relate to and neatly expands upon it.
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