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The Girl In Between - Book Cover It held me hooked to the last page looking for answers, but the story never gave them
Who Follows - Book Cover A purely psychological horror story about stalking and trauma, this is engrossing. Horror, thriller and suspense fans won't regret giving this a look.
In Light of the Blood Giant - Book Cover It's horrific, in places touching, and a fascinating read if only for the unique world-building...I may not re-read it but it was certainly worth the first read.
Cringe-Almost Dead: A Suspense Thriller Short Story Collection - Book Cover This is probably going to appeal more to YA readers, as the stories are fairly standard for the horror or sci-fi genres.
Surviving The Evacuation, Book 1: London - Book Cover I read it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. Readers of horror, survival horror, and the dark side of speculative fiction should give it a look.
JAVA: Java Programming Guide - Learn Java In 24 hours or less - Book Cover The English was so bad I was struggling to read it. I couldn't finish this. Check the Read Inside before you buy.
A Cold Goodbye: Ned Fain Private Investigator, Book 1 - Book Cover It's not just a good whodunit, it's a good whodunwhat and really good short story.
Mystery on Mount Dusk - Book Cover This is an enjoyable children's book that is a good read for adults as well.
See Bride Run! - Book Cover An enjoyable romance that fans of the genre should look up.
Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra - Book Cover If you are fond of the genre then this would probably be for you, especially with other books in a series to follow it up and hopefully flesh out the world and the group of friends.
Spirilet - Book Cover Not a good book, even if it is about being good, with only a couple of minor points to try and redeem it.
Planet Prey - Book Cover I had high hopes for this book from the opening section, but by the end it almost didn't matter who survived or not.
The Dreaming Demon - Book Cover A good read, not as horrifying as it could be, but descriptive and interesting enough to enjoy
Magenta Mine: A Highland Romance - Book Cover Light-hearted story but dull romance between two childhood sweethearts.
The Unfortunate Tale of Talid Farrowheart - Book Cover For a dark gritty short story, it still leaves this reader uninterested in the fate of the people as there is little to pull you in.
Made in Yorkshire 1964 - Book Cover This novel of childhood in Yorkshire is well-written, flowing, and requires a sequel. Luckily there's a series.