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Cat Magic - Book Cover Everyone should give this a read, for a cracking story of a magical cat.
Murder in Cherry Hills - Book Cover A short and sweet intro to the cozy mysteries in Cherry Hills.
The Three Kitties That Saved My Life - Book Cover A wonderful tale of finding joy after loss and sadness. With kittens.
Crowd of One - Book Cover The right story with the wrong protagonist.
All These Shiny Worlds II - Book Cover For speculative fiction readers, this comes with a stamp of must-read.
The Cottage at Hope Cove - Book Cover An excellent example of the genre and those looking for a happy ever after romance should give it a read
The Enfield Horror - Book Cover Horror readers will enjoy this one. Action fans might also want to give it a look.
Sad stories: A collection of 35 so sad stories - Book Cover It receives a rating of one, read straight. For fans of the glurgiest of glurge it is a five.
Hot Wheels: A Short Story - Book Cover Literary fans should love it. It was close to a five, as a perfectly crafted short story.
Dying to Be Beautiful Mysteries - Book Cover Great idea but the result needs an editor and fact-checker very badly indeed.
Danger's Halo - Book Cover A fun edge-of-your-seat thriller in an SF wrapper, and I really enjoyed reading it.
CBD Billionaire - Book Cover This is not a nuanced view on the hemp debate. More importantly, in a book you pay for, it isn't that entertaining.
His Last Witch - Book Cover Readers of women’s fiction may enjoy it, as may those who enjoy Saw-style horror for the details of Annie’s captivity.
Cop Shot - Book Cover A great short, fast, and twisted tale for crime and police procedural readers.
A Girl's Best Friend - Book Cover the formatting and grammar obscured the story completely
Killing the Dead - Book Cover A new take on the zombie story, with a great protagonist, which is definitely one for horror fans.