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The Vintage Tea Room 2 - Book Cover The story (what I read of it) was entertaining, and the dilemma is so small-town to be delightful. It just needs an editor very, very, badly.
When Tears are not Enough - Book Cover It is a good strong story, but I am not sure about it's audience.
Blackgang: The Trickerjack Trail - Book Cover Moving quickly from suspense to outright horror, and back, this is a creepy and disturbing story.
FOSSILS: Viagra, snuff, and Rock n Roll - Book Cover A great concept and setup, but some issues with writing
Barry's Lodge - Book Cover Overall, it's a standard horror book, a little trope heavy, but with a reasonable twist at the end.
A Christmas Feral - Book Cover

Definitely aimed at children, you know it is going to be upfront about its influence and sympathies on the first line, when it mentions Judge Scrooge. I was partway in (when his dead partner appeared) before I realised it was going to be a full retelling of a Christmas Carol with cats instead of ghosts. […]

Deadly Coast - Book Cover gripping, fast-paced, and action-packed, with a truly international feel
Brenna's Wing - Book Cover For audiences who like paranormal fantasy, and to just immerse themselves, this is a good book. For those who prefer detailed worlds or tight plotting, it's a less enjoyable read.
Miss Millie's Groom - Book Cover As a romance, it ticks all the right boxes, and it's a pleasure to see it come with a well-written story behind it
The Doppleganger - Book Cover ...utterly passive, never seeking answers and expecting that if she hides at home all her problems will go away.
Most Fierce Ruthless Warriors That Shaped History: Ancient Aztec Eagle Warriors - Book Cover This is a case of an interesting introduction to a subject let down by grammar errors and poor formatting.
Piety and Other Stories - Book Cover Some strong content that might deter certain readers, but overall this is an excellent collection of short stories across a range of genres.
The Brooch - Book Cover a slice-of-life story about daily dramas and I loved it. Great character portrayals, good writing, and a touching ending.
Stuart Dufflemeyer and the Master of Plagues - Book Cover It may have been proof-read, but it really needs an editor.
Never Too Late - Book Cover An enjoyable read, with drama, a few unforeseen twists, characters you can support, and a great ending!
The CIA's Encounter With Akinlana Osei: Book 4 - Book Cover People familiar with the genre, espionage, or IT will be hitting the roof, or playing drinking games about errors.
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